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If you are wondering what happened to the old site and why the sudden change? Well first off it was not that sudden. I have been mulling for more than several months now on the what direction I should go with the site and to be frank on whether to continue with it at all.

Long story short I made the decision to focus more on the photography aspects of the auto-sport culture, the photographers, tools, techniques etc. I will still continue doing event coverage but it will be very limited and geared to shows that have more favorable media conditions.

Modz365 is now a showcase of and an under the hood look at, the Automotive Photography Industry and Lifestyle(s). Featuring the Photography, Photographers, Tools and Techniques. Photos, sets and galleries from the Flickr automotive photography community. Plus we search, review and gather the latest autosport news, event coverage and resources from around the web.


There are a lot of other plans that we are still working on and they will be revealed soon so stay tuned.

Please feel freed to send us your ideas, comments and suggestions, using the form below.






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