Random Collections : Red City Rox, Opel Corsa, Ford Focus RS, Super7, BlackLAC Spade.

Finally got some time, to post another random collection, this one includes Red City Rox, Opel Corsa, Ford Focus RS, Super7, BlackLAC Spade. The cover thumb Super7 was shot by photog Nando (poca-traça)  based in Alcoi / Spain. Enjoy the set!

Red City Rox

Photog : dmarty78 | Realname Dale Martin

January 20v12

Photog : Automobili Lamborghini | Realname Lamborghini Automobili


Photog : Pepper Perfect | Realname Pepper Yandell

Hyundai I20

Photog : CiprianMihai | Realname Ciprian Mihai


Photog : sti_od | Realname N/A

Photog : dimaginary | Realname Dmitry Huhnottoomuch

1013MM Best Of 2011 Wallpapers

Photog : 1013MM | Realname John Zhang


Photog : ducktail964 | Realname 陳 清

SR7 – Bike Shot No.1

Photog : Ravi Angard (v2lab) | Realname ravi angard

2012 Porsche 911 for Automobile Magazine

Photog : Scott Dukes | Realname Scott Dukes

Body painting

Photog : Elliot Deluxe | Realname N/A


Photog : CiprianMihai | Realname Ciprian Mihai

Ford Focus RS

Photog : Soichiro 3 | Realname Adrian Sanchez

Mike Bonell’s MK6 GTI

Photog : Ronaldo.S | Realname Ronaldo Stewart


Photog : poca-traça | Realname Nando


Photog : Mishari Al-Reshaid Photography | Realname Mishari Alreshaid

Ferrari 458 Italia

Photog : autodetailer | Realname Darren Chang

BlackLAC SPADE made

Photog : ojsantiago21 | Realname N/A

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