Friday Flickr Faves Vol28

It’s been a slow week, work kept getting in my way but its was very productive, hoping to add some new features to the site, guest posting, couple of giveaways etc. That said here are the Faves a but late but its here. The cover thumb Ferrari 458 Italia is by photographer Rani Giliana,  enjoy the set see ya all next week!

Ferrari 458 Italia

Photog : Rani Giliana | Realname Rani Giliana

Yellow 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Photog : | Realname Nick Williams

Vossen 370z

Photog : Mike Gilbert Photography | Realname Mike Gilbert

ADV.1 Maserati GT 1

Photog : GREATONE! | Realname William Stern

Hyundai i40 Saloon CRD Light Painted

Photog : | Realname Nick Williams

Corvette Z06

Photog : Rani Giliana | Realname Rani Giliana

“Wing and a Prayer”

Photog : Neil Banich Photography | Realname Neil Banich

Wiesmann MF3 Final Edition

Photog : StephenHall | Realname Steve Hall

Ford GT

Photog : DL_ | Realname Douglas Pittman


Photog : Lunchbox PhotoWorks | Realname Josh Coleman


Photog : ZcarFan | Realname Diego Perri

’58 Impala Custom

Photog : DL_ | Realname Douglas Pittman

Dark Territory

Photog : anType | Realname Alexander Krasnikov

Ferraris – 360 Modena and 328 GTS

Photog : minxx | Realname N/A

Author: : "TECHNOLOGY THE MEDIUM CREATIVITY THE SOURCE" I am first CREATIVE, my medium of choice is TECHNOLOGY. As a young artist one of my most important lessons was that design must FUNCTION. Purpose must supercede aesthetics; it is the foundation of good DESIGN. IF IT IS CREATIVE I AM IN.

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