Friday Flickr Faves Vol27

It’s Friday folks, put on your game face this is the weekend for it but before you do kick it off with some faves. The fave cover shot is by one my favorite photogs Sean Klingelhoefer aka Nike SB’d, it’s an epic shot of an orange Honda Fit created for his portfolio. Impressive!

Strobist info: 2 SB-80DX shot bare at full power. Moved about 20 times, multiple reflectors involved, stitched composite. SB-80DX were also used to light the bridge and ground.

The Fit is Go!

Photog : Nike SB’d | Realname Sean Klingelhoefer


Photog : Mike Burroughs | Realname Michael Burroughs


Photog : GREATONE! | Realname William Stern

Blinded by the Light

Photog : oskarbakke | Realname Oskar Bakke

Bugatti EB110 GT #2

Photog : terpstra.peter | Realname Peter Terpstra


Photog : Lunchbox PhotoWorks | Realname Josh Coleman


Photog : dejjisch | Realname Dejan Sokolovski


Photog : | Realname Clifford Sutrisno

Sit Down To See

Photog : Vincent De Vries. | Realname N/A

Mountain Air

Photog : notbland | Realname Webb Bland

A-113 Wheels / S-13 on Lexus IS-F

Photog : TheA113 | Realname John Doe

Yurple Challenger | VVSCV1

Photog : ayo andrsn | Realname Anthony Anderson

ADV.1 It’s back M3 1

Photog : GREATONE! | Realname William Stern

Porsche Boxster

Photog : Bandal | Realname N/A

Death on Wheels

Photog : dmarty78 | Realname Dale Martin

E30 Reedit

Photog : patrick.snapp | Realname pat snapp

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