Featured Photo : BMW S1000R


The Featured photo(s) are rare shots that I feel are just all round amazing and truly capture the essence of the subject. For me this photo by Philipp Rupprecht a Munich based photograph, of a BMW S1000R standing alone lifted atop a workbench in a location that the was carefully staged to assert the subject in the composition add the creative lighting and post processing and it puts the icing on the cake, or bike in this case, this photo is a definite winner.

Phillip Rupperecht : Websute – www.rupics.de, Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/rupics.photography, Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/_ruppi/

I am a Munich based photographer. If you like my photographs, want to work with me or have some questions contact me over facebook or send me an e-mail!


BMW S1000R schwarz orange klein

Photog : philipprupprecht | Realname N/A

Sorry, I simply could not leave out this one, amazing work Philipp!

S1000RR weiß klein

Photog : philipprupprecht | Realname N/A

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