Random Collections : Vossen Genesis 5, Lamborghini Aventador, My bug!, Widebody GTI, Status:One…


It’s Monday people shake it off and stretch it out, it’s another random collection that includes work from William Stern, Theo, Jordan Donnelly, Bandal, Dale Matin and several more great automotive photogs. This week I’m going to try a post a day so stay tuned.

Vossen Genesis 5

Photog : GREATONE! | Realname William Stern

2012 Lamborghini Aventador Composite

Photog : www.Theo-Graphics.com | Realname Theo

Supercar Weekend 2012

Photog : Jordan Donnelly | Realname TW0R

Brazilian Rear End

Photog : Pepper Perfect | Realname Pepper Yandell

2009-2012 Stitched Production still going strong!

Photog : Stitched Production | Realname Tony Rivera

Photog : Bandal | Realname N/A

Photog : Bandal | Realname N/A


Photog : dmarty78 | Realname Dale Martin

mini copy

Photog : CFD Productions | Realname Dan Purpura

My bug! 2012

Photog : Tom.Wheatley | Realname Tom Wheatley

Jason’s Widebody GTI

Photog : Jordan Chronister | Realname Jordan Chronister

Rennsport Reunion IV

Photog : Nike SB’d | Realname Sean Klingelhoefer


Photog : d.tek | Realname Saarang Desai


Photog : TimeAtk.com | Realname Clifford Sutrisno

Kev’s Mk5 for PVW Magazine

Photog : MisterBarry | Realname Mike Barry

Nissan GTR

Photog : Hartawan Photography | Realname N/A

Gran Turismo Omologato

Photog : Lucas Fredini | Realname Lucas Fredini

Hatem nato’s Genises coupe

Photog : Malek Fayoumi PhotoGraphy | Realname Malek Fayoumi

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