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Light Painted Cars is a Flickr group dedicated to as the name suggests the art of Light Painting Cars, while I have never done it myself the process involves using a handled or continuous light source over the car at slower that normal shutter speeds basically. Enjoy this collection and be sure to check out the group on Flickr.

UPDATE: Andrew Whyte the admin of the group posted a great tutorial on Light Painting check it out his blog Long Exposure

About Light-painted cars

We’re looking for your shots of static vehicles at night or in the dark where you’ve used handheld light source(es) to illuminate your subject. Vehicles lit through coloured gels are cool too, though we’ll reject any shots of scrapyard/ abandoned cars.

If you’re using speedlights/ strobes/ flashguns that’s fine, you’ll have to judge as to whether the shot is staged lighting or lightpainting. For staged lighting you might find the car strobist or automotive lighting groups more appropriate.

We’re not looking for shots of traffic trails or light streaks while driving- check out the Cars at Night group for these.

If you can find time to add some description about your lighting techniques and light sources, I’m sure it’ll be appreciated as the group expands.



Photog : …Damian… | Realname N/A

Hotrod teaser

Photog : | Realname Phil Grayston


Photog : Biol Ph | Realname Luca Biolcati Rinaldi

As she sits. Gold Fever

Photog : FlyWheel Photography | Realname FlyWheel Photography

1967 Camaro

Photog : nogiba | Realname Norbert Ogiba

Honda Jazz

Photog : StephenHall | Realname Steve Hall

Peugeot 206 cc

Photog : alexlelourd | Realname Alexandre Blanchet

Painting garage with light

Photog : Louis Carlsson 2D | Realname Louis Carlsson

s2k Light Paint-4

Photog : rodknee_ty2003 | Realname Rodizzle


Photog : alezada | Realname N/A


Photog : FlyWheel Photography | Realname FlyWheel Photography

’69 Karmann Ghia

Photog : Steve Sharp | Realname Steve Sharp


Photog : | Realname Jonathan Camere


Photog : ~*Martyn*~ | Realname Martyn Ions

Citroen C4 VTS

Photog : | Realname Andrew

subaru 185

Photog : DamianBPhotography | Realname Damian Blades

bf gt rear 1-4 resized copy

Photog : Shane Dixon | Realname Shane Dixon

Stratos Rear

Photog : …Damian… | Realname N/A

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