Random Collections : F10M5, Focus RS Group ‘II’, Porsche 911SC, 10x Veyron, Boxster Spyder…

Abother random collection that includes : TT(audi) by patrick.snapp, F10M5. by Denniske,  Sebring 2011 by Old Boone, Boxster Spyder by Stephan Bauer, Custom Mercedes G-class by Stefan Solakov Mean & Green by Bob Byington… The cover thumb was a Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 by autodetailer. Check out the collection!


Photog : patrick.snapp | Realname pat snapp


Photog : Denniske | Realname N/A

power from the west winds

Photog : TobiasRauschenCom | Realname Tobias Rauschen Automotive-Photography

Focus RS Group ‘II’

Photog : Mitch Hemming | Realname Mitch Hemming


Photog : DPWerks | Realname N/A

Sebring 2011 – Sebring Historic Fall Classic – Porsche 911SC

Photog : Old Boone | Realname N/A

10x Veyron

Photog : Murphy Photography | Realname N/A

Boxster Spyder

Photog : Stephan Bauer | Realname Stephan Bauer

Joe’s 2011 M1

Photog : Enjoi Photography | Realname N/A

Custom Mercedes G-class

Photog : Stefan Solakov | Realname Stefan Solakov

Photog : Lexus Europe | Realname Lexus Europe

Mean & Green

Photog : Bob Byington | Realname Bob Byington

MF3 Roadster | C4S.

Photog : Denniske | Realname N/A

Italian Violence

Photog : Thomas van Rooij | Realname Thomas van Rooij

Mike’s Mk1 TT

Photog : Andrew Holliday Photography | www.aholliday.com | Realname Andrew Holliday


Photog : Denniske | Realname N/A

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Photog : autodetailer | Realname Darren Chang


Photog : dmarty78 | Realname Dale Martin (editing)  www.stevedemmitt.com/ (photog)

Author: : "TECHNOLOGY THE MEDIUM CREATIVITY THE SOURCE" I am first CREATIVE, my medium of choice is TECHNOLOGY. As a young artist one of my most important lessons was that design must FUNCTION. Purpose must supercede aesthetics; it is the foundation of good DESIGN. IF IT IS CREATIVE I AM IN.

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