Friday Flickr Faves Vol 25

It’s FRIDAY, and here’s another edition of the Faves,  the week cover is by Stephen Hall a freelance photographer specializing in automotive editorial, commercial & stock based in the South East of England close to London, a stunning rig shot of what I believe is an orange Ib1za, never heard of it but I love the shot!


Red Impala Tail Feathers

Photog : DL_ | Realname Douglas Pittman

Red Impala Tail Feathers

Photog : DL_ | Realname Douglas Pittman

William’s GLI

Photog : Jacob T Photo | Realname Jake Tompkins

Volkswagen Touareg V8 TDI

Photog : Ian Eveleigh | Realname Ian Eveleigh


Photog : DPWerks | Realname N/A

Ferrari California ‘V’

Photog : Mitch Hemming | Realname Mitch Hemming

The Original

Photog : -SGphotography- | Realname N/A

Toyota Hilux

Photog : CiprianMihai | Realname Ciprian Mihai

Murcielago LP670-4 Superveloce Underground

Photog : TroyWitte | Realname Troy Witte

Ferrari 599XX

Photog : TroyWitte | Realname Troy Witte

Chopped 33 Ford

Photog : Poorman’s Photography | Realname Devin Poorman

Thatcher Rig

Photog : Mike Gilbert Photography | Realname Mike Gilbert

All Modern Motor — Porsche GT3 RS 4.0

Photog : Pepper Perfect | Realname Pepper Yandell


Photog : StephenHall | Realname Steve Hall

Knight Sports 5

Photog : Anthony Mair | Realname Anthony Mair

R8 Spyder

Photog : guilberhidaka | Realname guilber Hidaka

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