Friday Flickr Faves Vol23

The Faves are in and it’s another amazing set, today’s cover shot is a Mercedes Benz SLS dubbed white knight by Nue Vue Photography you cannot help but love this shot the composition the post work and the subject are all a joy to look at, enjoy and see ya all next week.

White Knight

Photog : Nue Vue Photography | Realname David Nickerson II


Photog : M.Basil | Realname Muhammad Basil

“Goldcoast Cruzin”

Photog : Neil Banich Photography | Realname Neil Banich

ADV.1 WB Turtle Power M3

Photog : GREATONE! | Realname William Stern

1998 BN Nissan 240SX S14 in the Garage *EXPLORED 1/5/12*

Photog : | Realname Theo

Dai Yoshihara’s Falken/Discount Tire S13

Photog : Nike SB’d | Realname Sean Klingelhoefer

ADV.1 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

Photog : GREATONE! | Realname William Stern

Snowbird in Florida

Photog : Ronaldo.S | Realname Ronaldo Stewart


Photog : d.tek | Realname Saarang Desai

9ff GT9R

Photog : StephenHall | Realname Steve Hall

James Deane Nexen Tires SRX7

Photog : Paddy McGrath | Realname Paddy McGrath

Audi R8

Photog : Marwan AL-Marzugy | Realname Marwan AL-Marzugy

Audi R8 V10

Photog : Hences | Realname N/A

EB110 SS

Photog : Richard Thompson III | Realname N/A

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