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I recently started following Garrett Wade’s Flickr photo stream, it’s a pretty strong body of work, dude is talented, here’s an interview I did with him. Garrett Wade is freelance photographer based in Orlando, FL, who started photography as hobby around 2004, his hobby quickly grew into a profession, he now travels the East Coast for photo sessions in New York, Boston and Miami and is a part of the talented V2Lab team. Read our interview and check out more of his work in our in our featured photog piece.

Garrett has worked for several photography studios and firms. This experience has allowed him to sharpen his skills and develop his own unique style. As a freelancer he has directed and photographed numerous photo shoots for musicians, models, clothing companies and boutique automotive dealers and enthusiasts.


Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

Tell us about Garret Wade – the person?

Pretty normal, I like anything to do with Cars, Computers, and Photography and something related to those things takes up most of my time in one way or another.

Tell us about Garret Wade the photographer?

Photography has for a long time been interest of mine and its taken a long time to get to the point I’m at now.  I original started shooting cars when I was going out to car meets around 2003 with a Kodak P&S I bought. That little camera took awesome pics for what it was but I always wanted more and constantly looked online for ways to figure out how to get better pics. Eventually I really wanted a DSLR but was occupied with other things and stopped shooting pics all together after that little P&S was lost/stolen?

In 2008 I finally bought a replacement (first dslr), a canon XTI. I loved the little Rebel, those things are great for the money but somehow when after getting it I never really shot any cars. After shooting on and off for the last few years basically everything but cars in the spring of 2011 I finally decided to put some more focus and effort into shooting what originally got me into photography (cars).


Polaroid 600

Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

Over the course of this past year I’ve put significantly more effort into photography as a whole and making this work as my full-time job. Things have been going great so far and seem to be getting better and better each month. Right now my plan is to keep having fun doing this and make it work long term.

Raw Brokerage GTR

Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

What does your photography mean to you?

Photography is just a fun way to try and be a little creative. I got into photography originally to take pics of what I thought was cool and then pushed it further trying to make my stuff stand out. At this point I can’t even imagine not doing it but if I wasn’t….I’m sure I’d be doing something  IT related or something with cars.


You are member of V2lab? Tell us a bit about what you guys are doing over there in Orlando?


Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

Yea, I joined on V2lab’s team of other great photographers (Ravi Angard, Jordan Donnelly, Troy Huynh…) and I’ve been shooting stuff with and for them. Here in Orlando we recently got a studio space for us to shoot out of, we got plenty of room to shoot most anything we can think of.. products, people, even cars. Look for lots of new work in the start of 2012 coming out of that space from both myself and the other v2lab guys!

Tell us whats in your gear bag, your favorite lens and why?

I’m currently shooting on a Canon 7D though, a 17-40L, 50mm 1.4, and 70-200L. I use my Alien Bee’s on just about every photo I shoot and sometimes even small speedlights. I love the 70-200 lens, it seems no matter what you shoot with those lens make everything look great and you can use them for people and cars…they are just amazing.

Give us your thoughts on impact applications like photoshop are having on photography?

I love it! There is always going to be people doing terrible things with anything…but at this point a lot of my automotive shots wouldn’t have been possible without it. Partly because you have more overall control and partly because I simply do not have enough gear to do what I’d want to yet, most of my automotive images are composites of different exposures and lighting setups on the cars. Doing things this way and having to put it all together in Photoshop has taught me a lot very quickly on both sides (shooting and post). I spend more time thinking about getting each part of the car how I want it when I shoot and then rely on Photoshop to put it all together or fix mistakes I made, haha….which many times has forced me to learn a lot of new different techniques or to try one thing a bunch of different ways till I stumble upon something that I’m happy with to get whatever the desired result was.

S13 Interior

Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

How would you describe your post-processing style

I’m not sure if i’d really say I have my own post processing style, I just do whatever I think looks good on that image. I’d say there is some similar characteristics with a lot of images but it is more dependent on how I originally shot it.

Mac’s 68 Camaro

Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

Name three of your favorite auto photographers and why?

Wow, not only am I terrible at making any sorta list of favorites there is also just WAY too many great people shooting automotive these days. I find myself going to his site on a regular basis and just going through all the images over and over looking for little things I might be able to try. Sean started doing honda’s just like me and I’ve watched him since he started…constantly impressed by the stuff this dude is putting out. Not much needs to be said, just look though his site and you’ll get it.

A shoot or photo you would like to do over and what you would do differently?


Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

I NEEED to re-shoot this pic sometime soon. Don’t get me wrong I still really like it but there is just a ton of things I wish were different. The entire shoot was a wreck from the start. Before I even took the first pic while still setting up my gear it started raining…I had planned to have rolling fog through the whole scene using dry ice but the rain just killed the fog a lot quicker than I had expected. I rushed though shooting it just to get this. I constantly want to go back and get a chance to do over under different weather conditions. I’m really gonna try and make that happen here very soon.


Photog : Garrett Wade (v2lab) | Realname Garrett Wade

Whats your favorite photo of 2011? Give us a brief walk through / BTS of the shoot, from concept – the shoot – processing, thoughts on final result?

Even though I wasn’t able to get this car at the location I wanted and was dealing with a whole list of other issues shooting the Enzo probably stands out more than any other shoot in 2011. As someone who has always really been into cars but hadn’t been shooting them at all I wouldn’t have guessed at the start of 2011 I’d be given the chance to shoot cars like this.

For a number of reasons on the day of the shoot we were not able to take the car very far and ended up just pulling it outside no more than 150ft or so and set it up in front of the small lake/pond as the sun was going down. It wasn’t the most ideal location, but easily could have been worse. I shot this image with my 17-40L on the 7d using a b800 and a fluorescent light. All said and done I think I ended up using  around 20 different exposures for the final image. A couple ambient shots were mixed with a few light painted ones and the rest (majority) were strobed. The post work on this was pretty straight forward for a composite image, just a lot of masking to get the parts I want out of each exposure…this image really doesn’t have very much processing done to it outside of just compiling the exposures.

Gif showing some of the exposures used on the Enzo.

Its pretty safe to say there is almost always things you wish were different on a shoot or when everything is how you want you’ll wish you did something different after the shoot. Though this wasn’t the picture I had planned to shoot that day (not even close) it still tuned out to be one that I personally like. Hopefully I’ll get to shoot another one of these cars again sometime soon!

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