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I have been planning to showcase photos from Flickr automotive groups for quite some time, but could never get around to it, I can safely check that off my to-do list, one less new year resolution, anyways. Automotive Imagery is a Flickr group that “focuses on all things automotive” –

This groups focuses on photography of all things automotive. Hopefully by joining you will either improve your skills or contribute to the improvement of a novice. Please post information and tips as well as photos

The group pool has over 19,000+ photos posted by it’s 570+ members there is not much discussion going on in the group but posting seems pretty active, check them out join and support Featured image is by Michael Drabikowski an amazing shot of a Mercedes E.

Mercedes E

Photog : DPid | Realname N/A

Happy New (Apocalypse) Year 2012! 🙂

Photog : anType | Realname Alexander Krasnikov


Photog : Daniele Fontanin | Realname Daniele Fontanin

Nissan GTR R35

Photog : Wutzman | Realname Kay

Promo Page

Photog : SeanDougherty | Realname N/A


Photog : zandbox | Realname z z

Jeep Wrangler Exterior

Photog : CiprianMihai | Realname Ciprian Mihai

cuong’s isF

Photog : zandbox | Realname z z

Ferrari 355

Photog : Petar Gachevski Automotive | Realname Petar Gachevski

Beyond Precision

Photog : M.Basil | Realname Muhammad Basil

autumn leaves

Photog : zandbox | Realname z z

IMG_0705_6_7_fused copy

Photog : carsofabq (Ringo) | Realname N/A


Photog : carsofabq (Ringo) | Realname N/A

Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

Photog : _PEC_ | Realname N/A

Two M-B’s R107 for ClassicAuto mag. issue 63

Photog : syndrom | Realname Rafał Andrzejewski


Photog : Daniele Fontanin | Realname Daniele Fontanin

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Photog : Gordon Calder | Realname N/A

Ferrari 458 Italia Halmstad 2011

Photog : wolnerchris | Realname Christopher Wölner-Hanssen

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