Wiesmann MF5 Roadster, B7 S4 Avant, f430 spider, 1990 Porsche 964

Another great random collection of auto photography. Wiesmann MF5 Roadster, B7 S4 Avant, Hyundai Genesis coupe, Kentaro Suga’s Bb, BMW E36, 1990 Porsche 964, R8, Endless Rusty Pier, Jero Design, Dale Martin’s Edit (GTR), Jon S Jesse Dixon Austin, DPWerks_11101104, GranTurismo S….

Author: : "TECHNOLOGY THE MEDIUM CREATIVITY THE SOURCE" I am first CREATIVE, my medium of choice is TECHNOLOGY. As a young artist one of my most important lessons was that design must FUNCTION. Purpose must supercede aesthetics; it is the foundation of good DESIGN. IF IT IS CREATIVE I AM IN.

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