New Look “MODZ365.COM” new look & focus. If you are new here welcome, if you are wondering what happened to the old site and why the sudden change? Well first off it was not that sudden. I have been mulling for more than several months now on the what direction I should go with the site and to be frank on whether to continue with it at all.

Long story short I made the decision to focus more on the photography aspects of the auto-sport culture, the photographers, tools, techniques etc. I will still continue doing event coverage but it will be very limited and geared to shows that have more favorable media conditions.

I must give thanks to the people that supported us I hope you will continue to do so, I really must shout out Charles Spencer (rangerpencer) for some solid advice and support.

Thats it for now, back to work!



Author: : "TECHNOLOGY THE MEDIUM CREATIVITY THE SOURCE" I am first CREATIVE, my medium of choice is TECHNOLOGY. As a young artist one of my most important lessons was that design must FUNCTION. Purpose must supercede aesthetics; it is the foundation of good DESIGN. IF IT IS CREATIVE I AM IN.

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