Dream Studio of Yuri Arcurs 300k Eurs

I can’t tell you how much times I wish I had 3k to spend on lighting gear, I really cannot imagine what I would do with a 300k, whoaaaaa just imagine the possibilities. Well meet Yuri Arcus a micro-stock photographer who did just that, this guy sells something like 2,000 images a day, never thought micro-stock would make so much did you. The gear is just crazy check the video yourself, you can also read an interview with him on Petapixel.

Author: : "TECHNOLOGY THE MEDIUM CREATIVITY THE SOURCE" I am first CREATIVE, my medium of choice is TECHNOLOGY. As a young artist one of my most important lessons was that design must FUNCTION. Purpose must supercede aesthetics; it is the foundation of good DESIGN. IF IT IS CREATIVE I AM IN.

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